Quality Policy

Hindusthan College of Education endowed with progressive futuristic outlook of teachers is aiming for continual growth in the quality of all curricular and co-curricular activities with a sense of dedication to meet the expectations of future students, parents and society.

Objectives of the Institution

  • To acquire academic and professional competencies.
  • To develop creative thinking and innovative participation.
  • To impart knowledge and training of latest technology for teaching.
  • To develop values of a good teacher, good human being, a patriot and a true Indian.
  • To arrange programmes for the all around development of personality of the student teachers.
  • To stimulate social and national integration.

Hindusthan College of Education strives to achieve these goals by:

  • Making the students academically competent teachers armed with both knowledge and teaching skills.
  • Transforming them into model citizens with good citizenship qualities such as patriotism, tolerance and secular values
  • Developing desirable traits such as discipline, hard-work and prudence among student-teachers.
  • Making them realize their full responsibilities as a teacher inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom in the larger context of the society.
  • Making them good teachers to face the challenges of large classes, mixed ability groups, students with special needs, gifted children and other handicapped children
  • Building leadership qualities and organizing skills of future teachers by making them organize extra-curricular and co-curricular activities on their own.
  • Facilitating the expression of their creativity by helping them to make wealth from waste and to prepare improvised teaching aids.
  • Inculcating good values and make them exemplary teachers in future.
  • Creating opportunities for school and college teachers to take up research programmes, to experiment new methods and ideas, and to study the existing problems in the field of education.
  • Generating employment opportunities for trainees by inviting schools in and around Coimbatore to conduct campus interviews.
  • Creating  awareness about the depletion of natural resources and the dangers facing ecology
  • Developing the personality of the trainees.
  • Train the students to give guidance and counseling to school students.
  • Contributing the society by providing solution for Educational and Social problem through research activities.
  • To train the students to use and develop ICT based learning materials at High and Higher Secondary Level.