Department of English

Lab Activities

Studies done over the last decade, largely in Asia, confirm that wide self-selected recreational reading has a powerful effect on English language development for students of English as a foreign language, and those who establish a reading habit in English will continue to improve as long as they keep reading. The only way in which learners are able to have access to 'unlimited' language input is through authentic communication, be this with native speakers or with other learners of the language. Materials (Teaching, Authentic, Reference - Dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, etc.) add to general types of web materials and thereby grammar tutoring becomes an excellent package in our campus on behalf of department of English.

  • Public Speaking and Debate Club are included in Vision 2015

Club Activities

Club activities are conducted every year based upon

  • Debate
  • Seminars
  • Quiz
  • Group Discussion
  • Cultural Programs