Curriculum Development Cell

Being elevated to an Autonomous Institution in the year 2016, A major revision of curriculum took place in that year and followed with minor revision as per the changes in regulatory requirements and industry needs. The Curriculum Development Cell (CDC) of the Institution ensures the enrichment and development of the curricula. The curricula developed/adopted have relevance to the Regional/National/Global developmental needs with well-defined and informed learning objectives and outcomes at programme and course level. A structured feedback is received from the stake holders with reference to the curriculum design and development.

The following considerations were taken into account for the development of the curricula:

  • The Industry trends and feedback to identify new demands of industry
  • Norms/Requirements and standards of relevant statutory, regulatory and accreditation bodies
  • Research through course/programme review feedback
  • Case Analysis of current trends in market
  • Benchmarking with reputed National/International institutions/Universities

The Institution has initiated Outcome Based Education (OBE) with well defined Program Specific Outcomes (PSO), Program Outcomes (PO) and Course Outcome (CO) which in turn is reflected in the curriculum of the course. The teaching and learning methodologies ensure that the students develop the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude, and values to enter the practice and be self-directed, lifelong learners. The curriculum also provides educational experiences in actual and/or simulated practice setting to develop and demonstrate achievements of desired competencies for the students. The innovative efforts provided by the Faculty, Stakeholders is approved after deliberations at various levels through CDC. The recommendations of the committee are put up to Board of Studies to consider the programme structure, curricula and syllabi. Later, it is been implemented after a thorough discussion in the Academic Council and College Governing Councils.


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