Department of MBA

About the Department

PG Department of Management Studies has Started its functioning From the Academic Year 2005-06.  It is been approved by AICTE and affiliated to Bharathiar University with 180 seats every Academic year for MBA and the college is providing Specializations of Marketing, Finance, Human Recourse, Media Management, Logistics Management, Production Management. The department has produced University Ranks and many of the candidate with Distinction.

The Department is also offering the research programmes M.Phil and Ph.D in  part time and full time Course from 2009 onwards. So far out of 36 M.Phil Registrations 23 Students have been awarded the degree from the University and 16 Students are undergoing their Doctoral Degree.

Today’s global market is complex and dynamic in nature, to become a successful person, a management graduate should have the realistic capabilities. The department focuses at harvesting excellence in management education and provides a wide platform for young graduates to equip themselves to face the global competition through innovative teaching, leadership skill enhancements, placement trainings, etc., The realistic case analysis, Class room teaching, Group discussion,  Summer Internship , Live Projects, Guest Lectures, Virtual Trading and many other situations are given to the MBA graduates to solve the problems and get shaped to face the innovative and dynamic global competition and get a best job or to become a successful entrepreneur in their future with its mission and Vision Statements


Bringing values and Excellencies of global management standards to future managers.


To provide value based management education of international standard with national outlook.

The Faculty Members work for the change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the Department. The Profile of the Faculty Members Includes Book Publishing, Organizing and attending FDP Programmes Conference and Seminars. They also show high involvement in Publishing papers and article in Journals, Conferences and Seminars. They combine the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring to change students as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians and consultants for achieving excellence.

The Department Conducts National Level Conferences, Seminars, Exempler- A Management Meet ,Guest Lectures and Industrial Visits for upgrading the Knowledge and Skills of the Students. Recently the Students of II MBA has gone for a visit to LMW- the largest Textile Machine Manufactures in India.

To have an Interaction with the Outside Environment the Department has Signed for 16 MOU’s with various organizations in and around Coimbatore.


The major objective of campus placement is to identify the talented and qualified professionals before they complete their education. Training on placement are done to make the students equipped on all aspects of career development along with creating a very good impact in them which makes them feel every minute they spend in the placement training session is worth being there and will help them in getting placed in their dream companies. With the Efforts of the Department and Student, the students are placed in the various Companies.

The students are given an open forum to participate in Inter and Intra College Programms conducted by various Colleges. Students of MBA work on with Industries by undergoing project work and Internship training activities.


The state-of-the-art facility, provides an ideal atmosphere for dynamic and focused learning. Our class rooms have sophisticated seating with centralized air condition and audio visual classes.

The Laboratory facility is to provide the information technology required for the fulfillment of the Course in an efficient and effective manner through building world-class competencies in the technical analysis, design, procurement, implementation, operation and support of computing infrastructure and services. The department Laboratory holds on the following Software packages which are included for the University requirements and Self development of the Student Community with System to Student a ratio of 1:1.

Faculty Details

S.No        NAME  Designation               Qualification
 1  Dr.D Kalpana  Professor  M.Com.,M.Phil,Ph.D,B.Ed.,
 2  Dr.V.Saravanan  Professor  MCA,M.Sc.(CS) M.Phil,PGDCA, Ph.D
 3  Dr.K.Latha  Professor  M.Com., M.Phil, MBA., PGDCA, Ph.D
 4  Dr.M.S.Loganathan  Associate Professor  M.Com, M.Phil, MBA, PGDPM, Ph.D
 5  Dr.D.M.Navarasu  Professor  B.E., MBA.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,
 6  Dr.A.Kalaiselvi  Associate Professor  M.A.,M.Phil,B.Ed., MBA,Ph.D
 7  Dr.R.Rangaraj  Associate Professor  M.Sc(CS& Psy).,M.Phil,Ph.D
 8  Dr.N.Pakutharivu  Associate Professor  MBA,M.Phil, Ph.D,MHRM
 9  P.Boominathan  Associate Professor  MBA.,M.Phil., Ph.D
 10  Dr.D Suganthi  Associate Professor  M.Com., MBA,,Ph.D
 11  Dr.K.Anitha  Assistant Professor  MBA.,M.Phil.,PGDCA,Ph.D
 12  K.Jeyalakshmi  Associate Professor  MCA,M.Phil,(Ph.D)
 13  M.Amalmary  Assistant Professor  MCA.,M.Phil,PGDCA
 14  M.Selvapriya  Assistant Professor  MCA,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)
 15  R.Thangamani  Assistant Professor  MBA, M.Phil, MA (yoga),(Ph.D)
 16  P.Vanitha  Assistant Professor  MCA,M.Phil (Ph.D)
 17  M.Deepalakshmi  Assistant Professor  MCA,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)
 18  M.Hemalatha  Assistant Professor  MCA.,M.Phil,(Ph.D)
 19  K.Vanitha  Assistant Professor  MCA.,MBA.,M.Phil
 20  N.Akilandeswari  Assistant Professor  M.Com,M.Phil,MBA,SET, Ph.D
 21  C.Radhika  Assistant Professor  MBA.,M.Phil, PGDCA,NET
 22  P.Tamilselvan  Assistant Professor  MCA.,(M.Phil)
 23  R.Shobana  Assistant Professor  MBA.,M.Phil
 24  V.Malathi  Assistant Professor  MCA, M.Phil
 25  Dr.G.Vengatesh  Assistant Professor  M.Com.,MBA.,Ph.D
 26  D.Divya  Assistant Professor  M.Com.,MBA,M.Phil,PGDED, PGDCA.,(Ph.D)
 27  K.Joseline Famila  Assistant Professor  MCA.,M.Phil, MBA
 28  N.Menaga  Assistant Professor  M.Com.,M.Phil,(Ph.D)