NSS Activities

The faculty and students have involved themselves in extension activities and community development programmes through special programmes organised by 3 NSS Units of our college. The NSS is aimed at developing the personality of the NSS volunteers through social service. The NSS has endeavoured its best in its service. The motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” is well adhered to and community services are rendered through special camps by way of conducting Blood Donation Camps, Eye Camps and General Medical Camps in various adopted villages.

Special  Camps

Blood Donation Camps have been organized over the period of 10 years, which led to the generous contribution of nearly 1,500 units of blood. The NSS conducted a General Medical camp for the adopted villages which included a general check up and doctors with specialization in ENT were asked to give their expert opinion.

Outreaching Programmes

The students had taken part in rallies and outreaching programmes conducted by NGOs and Social organizations.  They have been in AIDS awareness programmes and Save the Plants programmes.  Students also canvassed for the “One hour Lights out” campaign, the focus was on saving electricity especially in big cities.  The students have spread the importance of saving trees by planting trees within the college campus.  Students went on a regular basis to the adopted villages where they were training the rural people on personal hygiene, cleanliness of the environment and surrounding. They also taught the villagers to read and write and empower them with self employment like candle making, basket weaving, art from waste.