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B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

About the Department

The global demand for highly-qualified instrumentation engineers in the control and automation industries is increasing day-by-day. To compensate the demand, four year B.E degree programme in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is established in the year 2011 with an annual intake of 60 students with the approval of AICTE. This course is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai.

Since its origin, the department maintains a team of committed and talented faculty members, who are continuously approaching the frontiers of knowledge and eminence teaching to ensure an innovative approach that keeps tempo with the changing trends in the professional world through our global perception.

This course provides students with sound theoretical knowledge & practical training in the operation and design of electronic instruments, digital logic systems, microprocessor and microcontroller system design, Process control system etc. Recently, the department has purchased 50 user license of LabVIEW software from National Instruments, USA.

The department has organized seven days ‘Faculty Development Training Program on Industrial Electronics’ sponsored by Centre for Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai.

The department also organized two days Faculty Development Program on “Graphical System Design uses Labview” jointly with ICTACT Academy, Tamilnadu and National Instruments, Bangalore.


To impart technical knowledge and develop the next generation of engineers in the instrumentation sector by teaching them problem solving, leadership and teamwork to meet the current industrial and societal needs.


Vision is to develop and exist as a technically competent centre in the domain of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering also to cater to the needs of national and international requirements through teaching, research and consultancy.



Process Control Lab

Generally, anything that requires continuous monitoring of an operation involves the role of a process engineer. The main focus of the lab is to design and implement controllers for different processes and also modeling of the process in such a way that the system provides an optimum performance.

The experiments conducted in the laboratory impart training and practical testing of the equipments which offer students the right kind of exposure and provide them ample opportunity to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios.

This provides real-time understanding of various instruments which makes them fit enough to work in industries. Lab in-charge: Mr.R.Vinothkumar,AP/EIE Total cost of the laboratory Rs. 8.5 lakhs List of Major Equipments
  • First order and second order system
  • Master unit with analog PID,FG and process simulator panel-CE1
  • Interacting & non-interacting system
  • Control valve characteristics(linear+equal%+quick) valve positioner – PSP 318
  • Flow control trainer
  • Level control trainer
  • Temperature  control trainer
  • Pressure control trainer
  • Multiprocess trainer-SCADA
  • Single phase monoblock 1.0 HP Aircompressor

Transducers and Measurement Lab

This lab is fully equipped with wide varieties of transducers and sensors. Experiments conducted in this lab are mainly to learn about the basic operations of sensors and signal conditioning circuits.

In this, sensors and transducers are studied with a deep understanding of the working principles and are practically realized. Not only their working, but also conditioning of signals and displays are studied.

This lab has well trained faculties and staffs to assist the students in their learning process and guide them to become successful designers of instruments. Lab in-charge: Mr.D.Deivasigamani,AP/EIE Total cost of the laboratory Rs. 8.5 lakhs List of Major Equipments
  • Load cell trainer module [ITB-04-ce]
  • Hall effect transducer [VHET-01]
  • LDR/Photodiode/Photo transistor trainer [ITB-027-CE]
  • Thermistor module [ITB-60A-CE]
  • Thermocouple module [ITB-05-CE]
  • Anderson bridge [VAB-04]
  • Calibration of ammeter and voltmeter using slide wire potentiometer [VML-200]
  • series and shunt type ohm meter
  • Strainer  measurement trainer module(ITB-017-CE)
  • Photo electric pick up
  • LVDT

Industrial Instrumentation Lab

This lab imparts adequate knowledge and expertise to handle equipment generally available in an industry. It provides a “hands-on” environment that is crucial for developing students’ understanding of theoretical concepts. Instrumentation laboratory is housed with major instrumental equipments.

The experience gained by the students in this lab will help them to enhance their knowledge in real time industrial environment. Lab in-charge: Mr.R.Veeraganesan,AP/EIE Total cost of the laboratory Rs. 4 lakhs

List of Major Equipments

  • Discharge coefficient of orifice plate
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauge
  • Torque Measurement
  • Measurement of Viscosity -Saybolt Viscometer
  • Vacuum pressure measurement
  • Level Measurement Using DPT
  • pH – Meter Measurement of pH - value of Test Solutions
  • Measurements of conductivity of test solutions.
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

To promote research activities in the minds of students and faculty members and to expose them to the advanced technologies, Virtual Instrumentation Lab was established in the year 2013. This Lab imparts software learning and real time interfacing knowledge to enable them to develop projects.

It includes recent version of LabVIEW 2013 core software, cDAQ, NI- ELVIS and recent software packages. Students utilize this lab for doing projects which yield good results in their campus interview.

Lab in-charge: Mr.E.Gowthaman,AP/EIE Total cost of the laboratory Rs. 11.2 lakhs List of Major Equipments
  • Personal computer Equipped with lab VIEW
  • NI Academic site License(60 user License)
  • cDAQ-9174 compact DAQ chassis(4 slot USB)
  • NI 9219 4 Ch-CH Isolated, 24-bit, ±60V, 100S/s Universal AI Module
  • NI 9421 8-Channel 24 V, 100 us, Sinking Digital Input Module
  • NI 9472 8-Channel 24 V, 100 us, Sourcing Digital Output Module
  • NI ELVIS II+ Hardware
  • J-Type thermocouples wire (fiberglass) (32 deg F to 900 deg F) 1 m

Instrumentation System Design Lab

Instrumentation System Design Lab was established in the year 2014.The lab is equipped with PLL, PCB layout design using CAD, and Micro Controller based system design. Design of AC, DC Voltage regulator using SCR, Design of instrumentation amplifiers, process control timer, design of wireless data modem and design of AM & FM modulator and demodulator.

Lab in-charge: Dr.M.Karpagam, Asso. Prof/EIE Total cost of the laboratory Rs. 4.8 lakhs List of Major Equipments
  • Design of Instrumentation amplifier
  • Design of active filters
  • Regulated power supply and design of V/I and I/V converters
  • Design of linearizing circuits and cold – junction compensation circuit for thermocouples
  • Control valve sizing
  • DSO
  • signal conditioning circuit for strain gauge and RTD
  • Design of PID controller (using operational amplifier and microprocessor)

Faculty Details

Faculty Name Designation Qualification Year of Experience
Dr ANAND B Professor and Head M.E., Ph.D., 14 years
Dr KARPAGAM M Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D., 11 years
Mr VINOTH KUMAR R Assistant Professor M.E. 5.5 years
Mr DEIVASIGAMANI D Assistant Professor M.E. 5.5 years
Mr GOWTHAMAN E Assistant Professor M.E. 5.5 years
Ms N.KAVITHA Assistant Professor M.E. 2 years
Mr.R. MADHUSUDHANAN Assistant Professor M.E., (Ph.D) 13 years
Ms.P.SHAKTHI PRIYA Assistant Professor M.E. 4 years


  • Our Final year student G.RAMESH represented as one of the player of HICET college team in the Anna University Zonal Tournaments (Hockey-Men) during the year 2014-15 held at Hindusthan Institute of Technology and secured Third Position.
  • Second year student S.LEO JONES represented as one of the player of HICET college team in the Anna University Zonal Tournaments (Volley ball-Men) during the year 2014-15 held at Coimbatore Institute of Technology and secured Third position.
  • Third year student R.ABIRAMI has presented the project titled as “VEHICLE SAFETY SYSTEM” which is recognized as one among the Top 50 projects submitted for PROAGIIT ‘15(India’s biggest project expo) conducted by AGIIT.