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News 2013-14

All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE)has sanctioned the grant under Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) of INR 10,50,000/- for the project titled “Study and Performance Improvement of Solar Air Heater” Duration of the Project : 02 year (Letter No -8023/RID/RPS26/Pvt (II Policy)/2011-12 &08.02.2012)

All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE)has sanctioned the grant under MODROBS scheme of INR 7,50,000/- for the project titled “CASCADE WIND TUNNEL” Duration of the Project : 01 year (Letter No -8024/RIFD/MOD98(Pvt.)/Policy III/2011-12 &11.02.2013)

Best blood Donors Award

The college has received the “Certificate of appreciation” for blood donation from Tamilnadu state blood Transfusion council.

TNSCST – Vibration Control

TNSCST has sanctioned the grant under Students projects scheme of Rs.6, 000/- for the project title VIBRATION CONTROL ON CANTILEVER BEAM USING SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY (NiTinol)

Y.Ras Mathew, N.Dhayananthan,
Assistant Professor, PG Final Year,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology,
Tamilnadu, India.

E : rasmathew@yahoo.com, dhayananth.nr@gmail.com

Shape memory alloy (SMA) wire (NiTinol) exhibits the ability to induce large mechanical stress and strain upon heating and cooling. These properties make them well suited for many applications in controllable shape change, vibration control and active & semi active damping. This project deals with the vibration control on cantilever beam using NiTinol wire. By increasing the temperature of NiTinol wire, the natural frequency of the cantilever beam structure can be increased. There by the amplitude of vibration can be reduced.

The experimental arrangement of cantilever beam consist of a 33.5 mm length beam is fixed with the column. NiTinol wire of 0.5 mm diameter and 800 mm length is linked to the free end of the cantilever beam by fixing both ends of the wire to the column. Initially 2% of strain is made to persist on the NiTinol wire with the help of the adjustable screws. A tape motor (Vibrating source) of 300 rpm is fixed at 20 mm from the free end of the beam. An accelerometer is attached at a distance of 15 mm from the fixed end of the beam which senses the vibration and generate respective electrical signal. Two K-type thermocouples are used; one is kept in contact with the NiTinol wire to measure its temperature of NiTinol wire and the other thermocouple is used to measure the atmospheric temperature around the NiTinol wire. Two transformers (1 ampere 12 volt) along with the help of regulators are used; one transformer is used to supply power to heat the NiTinol wire and another transformer is used to supply power to motor. Labview software is used interpret the measured value of accelerometer with respect to time; there by change in value of frequency and amplitude of vibration can be observed.

In this work the vibration control of cantilever beam is achieved by heating of NiTinol wire. By using the experimental setup retaining force of NiTinol wire can measure at varies temperature under known strain. The temperature of NiTinol is increased by supplying known quantity of current by using current controller kit. By supplying the required current the temperature of the NiTinol wire is increased uniformly to induce martensitic phase transformation. Due to the phase transformation, NiTinol wire retains back to its initial position. When the retaining force acts on the cantilever beam structure, stiffness of the cantilever beam structure is increased, there by the natural frequency of the cantilever beam structure and amplitude of vibration is reduced. Hence the vibration of the cantilever beam can be reduced up to 20 % by supplying the required current on NiTinol wire.


AICTE has sanctioned the grant in aid of Rs 6, 00,000/-

AICTE has sanctioned the grant in aid of Rs 6, 00,000/- for “Establishment of Entrepreneurship Development Centre”

TNSCST Project Grant for MECH. Dept. 2013-14

Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology- Student Project grant of Rs.7,500/- has been awarded to the project ‘Design and Fabrication of Flexible Horizontal Suspension system’ for the team of students, S.Balakumar, S.DhineshBabu, S.Felixvenselas and R.Karthick guided by Dr.K.Siva, HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering.