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B.Tech. Information Technology

About the Department

The Department of Information Technology (IT) was started in the year 2007 with an apparition to develop center of excellence in the wide area of Information Technology fields. The department is lead by Dr. R. Santhosh, PhD and also 11 eminent faculty members. The department has well equipped laboratories, well-stocked library and sophisticated computing resources. From the inception, the Department is continuously progressing in teaching and research & development works.

The department conducts a National Level Technical Symposium by name XNITERZ every academic year. Many National Level events like seminars, workshops, symposiums, and conferences are conducted by the department to provide national forums to discuss and disseminate the latest developments in the field of Information Technology.

Excellent career guidance is given to our students through renowned personalities like Mr. Shiv Khera. Ms. KiranBedi, IPS presided over the women empowerment programs conducted for the welfare of girl students. Mr. Yashwantkanetkar and AsangDani conducted a detailed workshop on pointers in C. Power Seminars like Hifuse 2014, Hifuse 2015 are conducted every year for our prefinal and final year students.Eminent personalities of various MNCs like Mr. K. Purushothaman, Senior Director, NASSCOM, Mr. R.B. Kenneth Jayseelan, TCS, Mr. PrasanthKarandlkar, L&T Infotech, Mr. P. Sujith Kumar, Infosys are invited to present to give an eye opening on the industrial requirements, current employment scenario and the tips for becoming a corporate citizen for our students to easily get employed in Multinational Companies. Our students have brought laurels to our college by winning the Volley Ball Match conducted by Anna University. The excellent academic records of our students have placed them in the MNCs like CTS, L&T Infotech, IBM, HP, Proadapt Solutions Pvt. Ltd., KGISL etc., thus, the IT department of Hindusthan Institute of Technology prepares citizens and organizations to excel in the knowledge-driven environment of the 21st century.

Vision & Mission


To evolve as an internationally reputed center of excellence providing state-of -the–art facilities and globally recognized faculty to mould the students into experts of high caliber in information technology and citizens of ethical excellence to become the best entrepreneurs to serve the society.

M1 - To inculcate professional behavior in students  
M2 - To inculcate strong ethical values in students  
M3 - To impart excellent teaching environments to students  

M4 - To encourage student’s innovative ideas to foster high quality scholarly research in


M5 - To promote partnerships with industry and community.  
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1.   To provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals to resolve computingproblems (Core Competence).


2.   To provide an excellent learning environment with an awareness of the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career (Learning environment).


3.   To train the students to inculcate strong ethical codes, communication skills, teamwork, leadership and demonstrate good citizenship (Social Responsibility).


4.   To equip the students in core areas of Information Technology, so as to be capable of analyzing, modeling, designing and synthesizing technical ideas to create unique products for the real life problems (Technical Competence).


5.   To inculcate high professionalism, entrepreneurship skills and ability to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects and diverse professional environments (Professionalism).

1.     Program Specific Objectives (PSOs)

1.      The ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and computing to identify, analyze, design and develop computational solutions and interpret the results.


2.      The competency to employ their professional skill set and problem solving skills in creating innovative career paths to become an entrepreneur in the global market or an employee and engage in independent and life-long learning for continued professional development.

2.     Program Outcomes (POs)

1.      Graduates will acquire knowledge on applied mathematics, sciences and algorithms in solving complex computer engineering problems.


2.      Graduates will generate solutions by conducting experiments and applying techniques to analyze and interpret data.


3.      Graduates will possess strong fundamental concepts on data structures, advanced programming, operating systems, computer architecture, database technologies, networking, compiler design, and software engineering.


4.      Graduates will be able to demonstrate research based investigation to solve complex problems with excellent programming, analytical, logical and problem solving skills.


5.      Graduates will be able to utilize the sophisticated technologies, modern computing engineering tools, and software for design and development.


6.      Graduates will able to apply contextual knowledge to assesssocietal, health, safety, legaland cultural issues relevant to the professional engineering practice.


7.      Graduates will be able to understand issues related to social and environmental context for sustainable development of engineering solutions.

8.      Graduates will understand the professional and ethical responsibility.  

9.      Graduates will be able to function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in various teams under multidisciplinary settings.


10.  Graduates will be able to exhibit professional skills as well as communication skills in both verbal and written forms to express their ideas.


11.  Graduates can understand the engineering and management principles to supervise projects.


12.  Graduates will have ability to engage in self-determining and life-long learning in the broadest framework of technological change.



The department of B.Tech I.T consists of two well-equipped laboratories. Each contains latest Core 2 Duo Systems supporting laboratory work. The laboratories are well equipped with a large collection of software like Rational Rose, Visual studio .NET, Oracle etc.,

Brief Overview of the Lab

The department is having spacious laboratories, well equipped with hardware and software facilities required by the students to perform the necessary experiments as per the curriculum and above the curriculum. Experiments are designed in such a way that the students become well aware of the concepts they learn in the theory sessions. The motive of the lab is to train students in latest technology trends.

Software Engineering Laboratory

The Lab is equipped with State of the art Computer Systems with high-end servers. Students work on Windows and Linux platforms. Software Engineering Laboratory focuses on research and innovation of new technology especially in the area of software process, software design and testing. The Lab pays attention on development of quality processes throughout the product life cycle. The laboratory helps to provide concrete software engineering artifacts at all stages of the software life cycle.

RDBMS Laboratory

Students are exposed to various forms, types and model of database system. They learn in depth Oracle and DB2 based database management systems. Students will acquire skills to analyze business requirements and produce a viable model and implement a database to meet requirements.

Network Laboratory

The laboratory caters to the inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge of the students above curriculum. The laboratory is well equipped with Linux Server and client machines. Network simulation software tools like Qualnet, NS2 and GloMoSim are used for project and research work.
Name of the Lab Area(Sq. m.) Total Cost of Equipments(Rs. in Lakhs)
IT Lab 900 Sq.M 43.59
First year IT Lab 950 Sq.M 30.04

Faculty Details

1.       Dr. S.UMA

Professor and Head

Soft Computing

B.E ,M.S(By Res), Ph.D.,

D.O.J : 07.01.2013

She is having more than 27 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology. She has published 3 Book Chapters. She has published 60 papers in International Journals and presented papers in 35 International and National conferences.

2.       Mr. B.MANIKANDAN

Associate Professor

Computer Networks&IoT


D.O.J : 04.08.2010

He is having more than 20 years of Teaching Experience  He has published 3 papers in International Journals and 10 national journals. andpresented 12papers in International and national Conferences. He has attended almost 10 FDP/Workshop/Seminar/ training programs.


Assistant Professor

Data Mining

Image Processing

B.Tech(IT), M.Tech(IT).,

D.O.J : 01.07.2016

He is having more than 12 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineeringand Information Technology. He has published 3 papers in International Journals and 10 national journals.  He has also published 1 Book Chapter.He has attended almost 10 FDP/Workshop/Seminar/ training


Assistant Professor

Data Mining

Computer Networks

B.E, M.E.,

D.O.J : 01-02-2018

She is having more than 7 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. She has published 5papers in National Journals. She has attended almost 10 FDP/Workshop/Seminar/ training programs.

5.       Mrs.G. KAVI PRIYA

Assistant Professor

Software Testing

B.E, M.E.,

D.O.J : 11-06-2018

She is having more than 3 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. She has attended almost 10 FDP/Workshop/Seminar/ training programs.


Assistant  Professor

Computer Networks

B.E, M.E.,

D.O.J : 04-06-2018

He is having more than 10 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. He has published almost 10 papers in International Journals.


Assistant Professor

Software  Engineering

B.E, M.E.,

D.O.J : 04-06-2018

She is having around2 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. She has published 3 paper in International Journal

8.       Mr.D.SRIDHAR

Assistant Professor

Wireless Networks

B.Tech (IT), M.Tech (IT).,

D.O.J : 12-06-2018

He is having more than 4 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. He has published in1 International Journals and 1 National journal.

9.       Mrs.P.KALAAMANI

Assistant Professor

Computer network and security, Image Processing.

B.E (CSE), M.E(CSE).,

D.O.J : 11-06-2018

She is having more than 5 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. She has organized 1 Workshop program. She has published 2 international journals. She has organized one day technical symposium.


  • Highly Qualified and Dedicated Faculty Members
  • Excellent Infrastructure Facilities
  • Excellent Student Faculty Ratio and Cadre Ratio Professor : Associate Professors : Assistant Professors = 1:2:9
  • Excellent Students Performance in University Examinations. Some of our students  are  Anna University Rank Holders
  • Every Academic Year, Technical Events like National / International Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, Technical Seminars and Guest Lectures are conducted towards curriculum enrichment for the benefit of the students.
  • Industry – Institute relationship is executed in the form of MoUs with NASSCOM, EduSeva and Poras Technologies. Value Added Courses are imparted to students through MoU.
  • Excellent Student Progression (All the students are Placed/Pursuing Higher Studies / Entrepreneurs)
  • Our student is in media - Makkal TV and placed in Central Government Job like Income Tax Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, and renowned Blue Chip companies like IBM, CTS, Infosys, HP Technology, Wipro Technology, Tech Mahindra, HCL INfotech, Prodap, etc.,
  • Our faculty members are actively involved in R&D and consultancy activities.
  • National / International Conferences and Faculty Development Programmes are conducted every academic year for the benefit of the faculty members.
  • Our department has Computer Society of India and IEEE Student Chapters. Technical Events are conducted under the student chapters.
  • The Number of faculty publications has progressively increased.
  • The number of students participation in co curricular activities has increased.
  • Our faculty members and students actively participate in extension activities towards rural development.
  • Every academic year progressively more number of academicians and industrial experts have visited our department.
  • Every academic year the participation of students in project internship/inplant training has increased.