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Hindusthan Institute of Technology has twelve world class computer laboratories across campus featuring over seven hundred computer systems. Beyond the computer labs, there are also computer workstations and printing options available in the Central Computing Center & Central Library.

The computer lab stocks the latest configuration in computers and is available anytime during and after working hours to all students and faculty. Each Department has its own lab with software that caters to specific academic programs.

Science & Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities was initiated in the year 2000. It comprises of varies disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Since Science is the basis for all Engineering disciplines, the courses offered by the department form the foundation of all Engineering courses.

The highlight of the Department is the Bridge Course offered for the new entrants of the college to enable them to cope with the higher education system.

To expose the students to the latest trends in the relevant subjects, the department organizes a series of guest lecturers every academic year.

In keeping abreast with the latest demands of the placements, the department strives to impart various skills like communication skills, technical skills, soft skills and Essential Life Skills to the young aspirants of the institution.

Above all, a holistic development of the students is the major focus of the department for which the members of the staff are easily accessible to their wards for personal guidance and counseling.

Science Quiz, Science Model Exhibition, Quiz in Mathematics and celebrating Science Day are the salient features of the department providing platform to showcase their innate talents and innovative ideas. Students take part active part in Science Day celebration and present models and papers.


The prime objective of the department is to render quality based education in different perspectives with sound techniques adopting richness in the study of mathematics, science and language that helps the students to understand the modern technology with clarity.Besides academic curriculum,the department aim to develop the personality of students by inculcating human ethical values.


To provide students with an intellectually stimulating,challenging and supportive learning environment,which enables them to develop more about their academic and professional skills and make them gain valuable experiences in  fundamental courses like mathematics,science and languageand  to shape them as future technically skilled professionals.


1.To inculcate professional and ethical attitude,effective communication skills,teamwork skills,multidisciplinary approach in the students.

2.To produce graduates who have strong foundation in principles of Mathematics, Natural sciences and basic engineering sciences.

3.To train students across the spectrum of basic and applied science.

1.      To develop the ability among students to understand the concept of core science subjects that will facilitate understanding of new technology.

2.      To apply critical thinking and analytical skills to interpret scientific data and mathematical models.

3.      To train the students to communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.

Faculty Details

S.No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization No.of Years of Experience
1 Dr.R.PThangaraj M..Sc.,M.Phil., ,Ph.D., Dean/Professor Head Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer 33
2 Mrs.R.Sree Parimala M..Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDCA, HDCA,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor Queueing theory 13.6
3 Dr.S. Jaya Bharathi M..Sc.,M.Phil.Ph.D., Assistant Professor Queueing theory 12
4 Ms.P. Jaya Chitra M..Sc.,M.Phil.(Ph.D) Associate Professor Queueing theory 12
5 Ms.R.Karthika M..Sc.,M.Phil., PGDOR. Asst. Professor Operations Research 5.7
6 Mr.J.John Stephan M..Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDCA (Ph.D) Asst. Professor Graph theory 7.9
7 Mr.C.K.Manikandan M..Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Topology 9
8 Ms.S.Nithya M..Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Operator Theory 10.4
9 Mrs.P.Vijayalakshmi M..Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Fractor Theory 13.6
10 Mrs.V.Amuthaveni M..Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Fractor Theory 12.5
1 Mr.P.Murugesan M..Sc.,M.Phil., Associate Professor Thin Films 32
2 Dr.B.Maheswari M..Sc.,M.Phil., ,Ph.D., Associate Professor Fabrication and characterization of Solar cells 7
3 Mr.D.Pradhabhan M.Sc.,MPhil.,(P.hD) Associate Professor Thin Films 13
4 Mr. K. Ragulkumar M..Sc.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Thin Films 5
1 Ms.J.Shoba M..Sc.,M.Phil., Associate Professor Corrosion Science 10.3
2 Mr.R.Siva Kumar M..Sc.,M.Phil.(Ph.D) Asst. Professor Crystal Growth 8.8
3 Mr.G. Vadivelan M..Sc.,M.Phil.(Ph.D) Asst. Professor Organic Crystal growth 7
4 Dr.A.Selvaraj M..Sc.,Ph.D., Asst. Professor Photocatalysis 3.7
1 Mrs.K.Anupama M.A.,M.Phil., Asst.Professor Feminist perspectives 6
2 Mr.K.R.Vallikannu M.A.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Semantisc& tribal studies 10
3 Mrs.M.Vasumathi M.A.,M.Phil., Asst. Professor Ecofeminism 8.6


The infrastructure of the department is highly commendable. The spacious class rooms and the various laboratories speak volumes and vouches for its quality.

Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory which is equipped with the latest instruments occupies an area of 252 sq.m. It can accommodate up to 65 students at a time to perform experiments as prescribed in the Anna University curriculum. The following are the some of the equipments maintained in the Physics Laboratory.
  • He-Ne Laser
  • Travelling Microscope
  • Spectrometer
  • Lee's disc apparatus
  • Energy band gap apparatus
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  •  I & H Magnetic Hysteresis Apparatus
  • Carey Foster's Bridge apparatus
  •  Optical Fiber Kit

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory which covers an area of 252 sq.m. can also accommodate upto 65students to perform the experiments as prescribed in the Anna University Curriculum. It is equipped with instruments like
  • All quartz double distillation units
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Electronic Balance
  • Flame Photometer
  • Oswald Viscometer
  • pH Meter
  • Potentiometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Calomel Electrode
  • Platinum Electrode
  • Hot air oven
  • Hot plate

English Language Laboratory

Understanding the importance of English language in the higher education system, the department maintains a well equipped laboratory. The Laboratory syllabus is so designed as a skill based curriculum with a global perspective by the University. This Laboratory aims at honing the communicative, social, interpersonal and professional skills of the students to enable them to emerge as employable engineers and good competitors in the corporate world.

The following features are available in the softwares

  • Audio chat (one-one/group)
  • Student desktop review
  • Faculty desktop broadcast
  • Full control of student system (audio/video/file transfer/shutdown etc)
  • Exam / Quiz (fully configurable). Paperless examination.
  • Customized lesson scheduling for each student / batch
  • Provision to include practice words in phonetics and vocabulary modules
  • Proprietary "Speakout" feature, Auto Text-speech conversion
  • Content developed for Indian context
  • Study pattern report generation giving details like time of study, score in quiz, class    average time spent, scores and etc.

Research Activities

The academic plethora of the department is supported by Seven doctorates, three of them are about to complete Ph.D., and most of the remaining faculty have registered for Ph.D. The department evinces a keen interest in the publication of research papers in reputed and refereed journals. The department has already published more than 75 research papers in International journals and over 25 in national journals and conference proceedings.

Tamil Mandram

Despite a tremendous interest shown in the field of Engineering and Technology, the department shows s keen interest and thirst for Tamil Language, its tradition and culture through the activities of Tamil Mantram.

English Literary and Oratorical Club (ELOC)

ELOC was introduced in the year 2008 to help students attain fluency in English Language through different forms and genres. Students are trained to participate in various events like group discussion, debate, extempore, book review and individual presentation. English language workshops are conducted to help them improve their communicative language. Many students are benefitted and they have also given their testimonials.