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International collaborations​

MoU with the University of Westminster, United Kingdom

The Departments of Biotechnology and Biochemistry signed a MoU with the University of Westminster on 02-08-2018, with a vision to extend the scope and scores of related academics and to gear the students with advanced research practice

MoU with The University of Wyoming,U.S.A

The college takes great pride to have collaborated with the University of Wyoming since 23-01-2015 for the Environmental Science Department. The partnering envisions exchange of faculty members and academic materials to capacitate the students with a wider exposure spectrum.

MoU with Munster University of Applied Science, Germany

The MoU with the Munster University was signed on 06-10-2010, with Department of Environmental Science to enable advanced research practices among students and faculty.

MoU with Rutgers University, New Jersey

This MoU was signed on 08-09-2013 for propelling advanced research work in the field of Nutritional Sciences by the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Department of the college.

Ibrahim Cecen University AGRI,Turkey

MoU was signed by the Department of Biotechnology on 26-03-2016 to acquire cooperative benefits in research and education along with publication and exchange facilitations.

MoU with Northwest A & F University, China

Department of Microbiology signed this MoU on 28-03-2016 to encourage exchange of scientific materials, publications and information by faculty and students.