A modern building with excellent infrastructural facilities. A tranquil and serene atmosphere admidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Club activities

Students are encouraged  to participate in competitive activities that will enhance their exposure across disciplines and give them the confidence to take on more. Competitive events like elocution, debates, quiz, Valluvar Koodam,  Linguistic Pun, Math Matrics, Galaxy Explore, Exodus, Digital dimension, Extempore.  Helps students to distress their schooling. (Coin, fruit, Elections)

Cultural Centre

The cultural Art Centre, harness every available form of art and ample opportunities (Dance, Music, Art and Craft, Culinary Exhibits etc.) are given to the students to share their ideas as well. (cooking,art&craft)

Parents -Teachers Rapport

The parents-teachers association has been an integral part of our school.  We always extend a cordial relationship and welcome our parents without whom we are not and lend ears to their suggestions and feedbacks.

Store house of Knowledge

Our large and sophisticated library, an encyclopedia itself is stocked with more than 10,000 books that are carefully chosen to widen the knowledge of our students.  The selected range of books consists of various Reference books including ancient Epics, Vedas and Classical editions  of ancient authors.

Digital classrooms

Every classroom equipped with interactive Digi board system is a technology enabled classroom where the classroom teaching is enhanced through the use of technology. The teachers’ computers in all classrooms are connected to a dedicated server engine which allows the teachers to  use the large repository of curriculum based digital content in order to create a multi sensory experience to the students.

It provides the facilities and benefits such as